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Automation and data

Automation and data

Communicate effectively with a large number of applicants or evaluate the performance of your recruiters or team – it’s easy with Teamio. It will also look for duplicates and GDPR consent, or show you only those applicants who meet specific conditions.

Automatic applicant processing

Data storage, filtering and GDPR monitoring will no longer give you wrinkles. The system also checks for duplicates, pairs new information with historical information and helps you weed out obviously unsuitable applicants. Come and see how Teamio does it.

Statistics and reports

Where do you get your best applicants from? How are you doing in recruitment? Are you achieving your goals? No more questions or conjecture. Teamio will give you clear answers. It’s a breeze to work with.

Automated communication

While the personal touch is irreplaceable, Teamio can help you at least respond to applicants, even if only automatically. Such a small and simple thing is sometimes enough to keep a company from being lumped into the “They didn’t even bother to answer” box.

Automatic evaluation questionnaires

One questionnaire reveals more than a hundred lines of a cover letter or e-mail. Also prepare one all-encompassing questionnaire tailored to your applicants. Simple. In Teamio.

Get enough applicants

Get enough applicants

You have a wide range of options to make not only your ads visible through Teamio, but also promote the brand of the company as a good employer. When your skills and Teamio’s capabilities come together, not even a single candidate will pass you by. Click through to your ideal candidates with the ease.

Interconnected job portals and other webpages

Of course, there is a direct route from Teamio to the largest and best-known Czech job portals and But what about the others? Do you know that you can also advertise on,, Aktuálně.cz or More than 20 advertising places are within reach in Teamio.

Connection with external resources

All you need is one place for all resources – even those that are not in the standard Teamio offer. Personnel agencies, internal systems, social media… There is much more. And you definitely don’t have to waste your time reentering data manually. How exactly does it work? Come and check it out.

Listing of your recruitments online for free

Teamio offers you 2 options to get your current vacant positions on the web. Free, no programming required and in your own administration. Everything is updated immediately, and you don’t have to enter extra data anywhere. All you need is Teamio.

Promote your company in your advertising

You can only make a first impression once, so use it to your advantage. Teamio is a place to manage your company profile and company medallions. Stand out from the competition and increase the success of your ads.

Efficient recruitment process

Efficient recruitment process

Stress-free. That’s what the recruitment process is like when everyone involved knows what they’re supposed to be doing and has the right tools to do it. That’s why Teamio is here. Even the slowest colleague will understand what to do – most things are just a click away in Teamio. Even on a mobile phone.

Recruitment flow under control

Worry-free cooperation in a team

Recruitment is a team game. But it doesn’t work without clear rules. Teamio can help you manage your team. You have a number of different roles and permissions that give each of you a clear scope. You’ll find that cooperation has rarely been so easy.

Talent archive

In a clear database you’ll find all data securely stored and with consent from the owners. Before you begin recruiting again, try looking at your database of previous applicants first, you may already have a contact for the right person.

Communication in one place

One HR brain, however smart, can’t remember what they wrote to whom and when and how. But with Teamio? You can keep track across the team, easily pass on applicants before a holiday, and no forgetful applicant can try to sweet talk you (i.e. that they never received an e-mail).

Ready to take your recruiting to the next level?

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Ready to take your recruiting to the next level?